Monday, March 19, 2012

Step to USA: North Kingstown, RI: Host a Spanish Exchange Student this Summer! June ...

Step to USA: North Kingstown, RI:  Host a Spanish Exchange Student this Summer! 
June 28-July 24.  I have 25 students ages 14-17 who need your help!  

Checkout some of the Spanish students who are available for placement this summer (2012):

I have several Spanish girls who love to play basketball!
(3) 14 year old girls and (1) 15 year old girl who love to play basketball and play in baskeball leagues in Spain. They also enjoy many other sports such as surfing, soccer and tennis.

-14 year old Maialen plays the accordian! (and basketball)
-14 year old, Ainhoa, enjoys playing the guitar, basketball and loves swimming and animals.
- 15 year old, Aurora, enjoys tennis, swimming, cycling and volleyball
-15 year old, Paula, enjoys, tennis, photograpy, art and shopping
- 16 year old, Maria, studies languages, loves dance and swimming
-15 year old, Gabriella is studying music and plays flute and piano (reggae and rock) and loves sailing and windsurfing.
-17 year old Loreto (girl) loves photography and soccer
-17 year old Amaia plays the flute and enjoys sports, gymnastics and horror movies
-17 year old, Daniel enjoys acting, karate and playing the guitar
-16 year old Carlos who loves basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer and music
-15 year old, Mikel, likes swimming, reading and writing
Call  JoAnne at 885-5732 for more information on how to view these and other profiles/photos of students.